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Tire Displays

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If you have more than enough space or if every square foot is a precious commodity, BFD Solutions has a tire display option designed to help you sell more tires. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted display that can handle multiple tires or a single floor tire floor display, BFD has exactly what you need. And, in case you have another idea, our customization service ensures you always get exactly what you want.

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Wall Mounted Good/Better/Best Tire Display

custom tire insert templates

These ‘Good – Better – Best’ sets are made from 14-guage, 1” steel tubing, and are durable, professional-looking units that come powder coated. This wall-mounted version is very appealing in appearance. Choose from black, white or silver. This unit also includes all design and artwork, 3 inserts and 7” x 11” frame and signs, as well as our easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Below is an actual display wall being setup. Click image to enlarge.


Each unit also comes with a Top Sign. Samples are below. Click image to enlarge.


Wall Mount Displays: $565.00 /ea + shipping

Detailed images of the parts included can be found by clicking here

Clamshell Floor Display

Versatile, this handy floor display unit enables you to display a tire and wheel OR just a tire and our custom-made tire insert. The Clamshell features an innovative adjustable design that accommodates a variety of tire sizes from motorcycle to truck. Available in a black, white or silver, you’ll want to be sure to order with our inserts featuring your logo or other pertinent info you wish to share.

Clamshell Floor Displays: $29.95 /ea + shipping

with 1 insert: $74.95 /ea + shipping

with 2 inserts: $99.95 /ea + shipping

Wheel & Tire Display Mounted Lean-Up

This is a smart and attractive way to display a single wheel & tire. The adjustable design lets you use it to display a variety of tire and wheel sizes. Mounting the tire and wheel is made simple with the ‘real-world’ mounting studs and lug nuts (included).  They’re available in black, white or silver.

Wheel & Tire Display Mounted Lean-Up: $150.00 /ea + shipping

Tire Inserts (sold individually)

Our tire inserts make a simple, plain tire an impressive marketing tool. We’ll implement your logo or other pertinent graphics and information into this durable, water and weatherproof disc made from tough 3/16” composite materials, which are similar to plastic in construction. The smart retainer system makes insertion quick, simple & secure. Replacement Inserts may be purchased at the same price. Scroll down to view our inserts gallery.

Tire Inserts (sold individually): $45.00 /ea + shipping

Replacement Tire Inserts: $42.50 /ea + shipping

Custom Displays

Do you have a unique need for a tire &/or wheel display? Talk to BFD Solutions! We’re able to construct a custom-made display based on your specifications. When a ‘typical’ design won’t work for you, don’t worry: BFD Solutions has the skill and experience necessary to produce exactly what you’re looking for in a custom display.

Other Concepts

Although BFD Solutions is known for custom tire & wheel displays and tire inserts, we’re equally adept at thinking outside the box to create custom solutions for a variety of display needs. In other words…we love a challenge! Whatever the product, whatever the need, contact BFD Solutions when you have a need that you haven’t been able to fill. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish!

Tire Inserts, Wall & Floor Tire Displays available Nationally.
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