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Sell more tires with BFD Solutions

It may be an old cliché, but it’s as true today as it’s always been: Show it well and it’ll sell! It’s the reason food companies pay big money for specific product placement in grocery stores. It’s the same principal that increases the value of commercial real estate in high-traffic areas: when a product is placed properly, you increase its appeal.

That is the approach that BFD Solutions takes with each tire display and insert we create. Skilled workmanship, crisp graphics and quality materials go into every product. Even more important is how we incorporate the logos, information, price point and/or any other information you feel will convert lookers into buyers.  BFD Solutions’ product line includes tire inserts, tire displays, custom signs, and most recently, golf cart / drag cart accessories.

Tire Inserts

Let your tires do the talking!
What does your customer see when they look at a new tire? Other than rubber and tread, there’s not a lot they’ll understand…unless YOU tell them. BFD Solutions tire inserts are the perfect way to share information critical to the decision-making process every customer goes through before making a purchase. Build product confidence through education by giving them the info they want. Share the different warranty periods, manufacturer names, rebate info, pricing and more. Incorporate your company’s logo, branding your name in the minds of your customers so when they think tires, they’ll think of you!

Made to Last

Forget about disposable cardboard: our inserts are durable 3/16” discs made of durable composite materials. They’re fully weatherproof, waterproof and custom crafted to your exacting specifications. Our proprietary design makes insertion quick and easy. We incorporate any manufacturer’s logo for which you’re licensed to use, and/or we’ll happily use your company’s logo. Licensed photos, size and use information, our popular GOOD / BETTER / BEST insert trio or virtually any other idea you’ve got. And if you have a design you want to use, send it our way…we’ll be happy to incorporate it into the custom inserts we make for you.

Tire Inserts Pricing:

Tire Inserts (sold individually): $45.00 /ea + shipping

Replacement Tire Inserts: $42.50 /ea + shipping

* We also do custom work – just send us your design for a quote!

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